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Caroline Lewis.png

Caroline Lewis

Sales Director - Tiger

Caroline is the Sales Director at Tiger where she joined Tiger’s customer support team in 1999 after achieving a 2:1 degree in Computing and Informatics and in her early roles developed a keen interest in the commercial side of the business.

Caroline quickly progressed into the sales team and became a pivotal contributor to the growth of the business bringing on board many of Tiger’s most prestigious clients. She was promoted onto the board as Sales Director in 2018.

Away from the office, Caroline keeps active and enjoys distance swimming, pilates and off-road cycling. She also has a passion for cooking and baking.

Based in Hampshire


Aggrey Lutta

Culture Director - CAE

Most people would call me an IT veteran who has been in the industry for over 30+ years now! I joined CAE back in 2000 and became a co-owner and Board member as part of the initial MBO back in 2004. I have held various positions on the board between 2004-2019, mainly in the Services Division, working closely with significant Vendors, especially Cisco, as we became a Gold partner back in 2006.

Since stepping down from the board, I have been heavily involved in setting up and defining our Culture and now excited to be heading up a new innovative Coaching Program that builds on our strong culture and purpose. I’ve always been fascinated by human potential and what motivates individuals, as we are all unique and have different drivers in life.

I get immense satisfaction helping people grow and develop into the best versions of themselves in both work and life outside of IT! In addition to having an MBA, over the past 10+ years studied and Certified as Master NLP, Life Coaching and Executive/ Business Coach.

Experienced in Leadership and can cover People, Business Growth, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team, Starting a New Business, Diversity & Inclusion and Channel Dynamics.  Aggrey is open to working with people who are ambitious at all levels within the Business, but also people who are stuck in any area of their life.

Based in Watford

Leah Stiff.png

Leah Stiff

Head of Strategic Alliances - SCC

Having worked in partner management/alliances for the past 10 years + - often as the only “partner person” in the organisation – I am very conscious that this role can often be a lonely place to be, misunderstood, and sometimes undervalued.  

I am passionate about working with other professionals embarking on or looking to progress their careers in building successful partnerships/alliances.

Based in Reading


Olivia Jaskolka

Experience Marketing Director

As the former Marketing Director at ANS Group, Olivia has over 13 years of marketing and lead generation experience.

Having joined ANS Group in 2008, Olivia progressed through the business and was promoted to her first leadership position in 2013. Since then, was responsible for developing the ANS brand and messaging aligned with the company's evolution.

Olivia is passionate and motivated by unifying the organisation’s sales and marketing strategies to drive brand awareness and generate new business.

In 2017, Olivia was promoted to Marketing Director, taking responsibility for developing and implementing the brand strategy and ensuring the successful implementation of the wider marketing strategy.

In 2017, Olivia was promoted to Marketing Director, taking responsibility of the development and implementation of the brand strategy and ensuring the successful implementation of the wider marketing strategy.

Experienced in Marketing and can cover People, Talent & Hiring, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team, Diversity & Inclusion and Channel Dynamics. Olivia is open to people in Marketing looking for a career or personal development support.

Based in Manchester

Martin Bradley.png

Martin Bradbury

Director, Regional Director - Dynatrace

Martin has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, having started his career in software engineering, support and presales before moving to enterprise sales and sales leadership with organisations in the channel such as SCC, Hitachi Vantara and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  

Currently, Martin is the Regional Director for the Financial Services Industry at Dynatrace, the market-leading observability SaaS solution, where his team are responsible for new customer acquisition and strategic growth clients. 

Martin is passionate about developing talent and enjoys supporting several early career and mentoring initiatives. Martin is determined to support his teams in achieving their goals whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Experienced in Sales, People and Talent and can cover People, Talent & Hiring, Business Growth, Career Development, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team, and Sustainable Growth.  Martin is open to connecting who would like support in taking the next step in their career journey, moving into sales, moving to a more senior role or stepping into a leadership role. 

Michael Frisby.png

Michael Frisby

Senior Vice President - Inifinigate Cloud

Michael is passionate about creating world-class experiences and innovative technology solutions that help businesses achieve their goals.

With more than 25 years of experience in selling IT and cloud solutions to SMBs, Michael’s expertise lies in combining technology and customer requirements into real-life solutions. At Cobweb, he was responsible for leading the company's transition to a modern value-add cloud solution provider, helping SMBs and the IT channel achieve their business objectives.

He previously led Microsoft’s SMB Managed Reseller channel across Western Europe, accelerating the transition to selling cloud services, and built the Office 365 Syndication business to one million users.

Today, Michael is Senior Vice President at Inifingate Cloud.

He is an enthusiastic skier and squash player.

Experienced in Leadership, and can cover People, Business Growth, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team, Sustainable Growth and Channel Dynamics.  Michael is open to working with anyone across the career spectrum from early career to more seasoned professionals. 

Based in Fareham

Tina Yates.png

Tina Yates

Group Business Manager - Netscout and Nokia - Nuvias Group

I have been working in the IT industry for over 10 years, working in both operational roles as well as leading sales engagement in IT Distribution, working at both broadline to value added distribution, I have gained a wealth of experience of the channel.

Since joining Nuvias in 2017, my role has taken me from a UK focussed role to now is managing complex vendor relationships across EMEA, driving a clear strategic plan, that merges both Nuvias and vendor expectations to meet mutual goals.

As a mother of two young children, I want to encourage people that they can accelerate their career, and still manage family life.

Experienced in Sales, Alliances and People / Talent and can cover People, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing a Team and Channel Dynamics. Tina is open to anyone starting out in the channel, understanding how the channel works and new managers.

Based in Peasemore

Oliver Kenward.png

Oliver Kenward

Senior Partner Business Development Manager - Microsoft

Oliver is a Senior Partner Development Manager at Microsoft and is focused on working with ISV’s and helping them be successful when developing and selling solutions based on the Microsoft cloud platform.

Prior to Microsoft Oliver spent thirteen years at Cisco where he had a successful sales career building from an early in career internal Account Management role to a Sales Specialist, Enterprise Networks Partner and ISV lead and then into a role in the EMEAR Enterprise Networks management team.

Oliver is passionate about helping people develop their skills, confidence and careers and enjoys the two-way benefits of a mentor and mentee relationship. Outside of work Oliver is a big sports fan and is kept busy by three children under five.

Experienced in Sales, Alliances and Career Development.  Oliver is open to anyone who would like to connect based on his experience and those earlier in their career with a focus on sales roles.

Based in Hart


Julia Elliott

Partner Alliances Manager - Ideal

Having entered the world of IT late in my career I found myself having to learn very quickly - what was the channel, who were distribution and how did this ecosystem work? Fast forward 6 years I now find myself as Partner Alliances Manager at Ideal having established the partner function, working both with established vendors and onboarding and developing relationships with new vendors. Every day is a challenge, whether it is getting the assistance we need from our vendors, or managing up and getting the internal support needed to develop and embrace new programmes, solutions etc that our vendors want us to embrace. And of course working in a solitary role brings its own daily challenges. I really hope that my own experience may help others.

Experienced in Alliances and can cover People, Managing Upwards and Channel Dynamics. Julia is open to working with anyone who feels they could benefit from her experience and especially those looking to build a partner alliances function.

Based in Brighton

Open to a Mentee.png

Lance Williams

Chief Product Officer

Raised as an HM Forces kid, I learnt from an early age the importance of being adaptable and in making new friends. After 4 primary schools, the RAF gave me stability for secondary education and paid for me to go to the Royal Hospital School in Suffolk where I took full advantage of everything that was on offer to me - most of which centred on a variety of leadership roles. I learnt two things: I love leading and I love working within a team.

I graduated with a solid 2:1 in Business & International Management from Oxford Brookes and I met my wife there in my final year too - today we live in Oxfordshire and have seven wonderful children between the ages of 1-15 years old. I'm a practicing Catholic and live my whole life through the lens of my Christian values. 

My business career has been very blessed, as I was fortunate to join Softcat just before it exploded onto the Channel scene - during my 16 years there, I worked as a new business account manager for 18 months (60 cold calls a day!), before moving into the Vendor Alliances team from 2007-2015 working in a range of roles from business development to vendor portfolio management. I rounded off my time at Softcat creating, building and leading the services portfolio management function, through which I thoroughly studied and learnt the art of service design, project & programme management, commercial management, contract development, services marketing, and developing the customer experience.

Today, I'm at Distology; as Chief Product Officer for the first 2.5 years and now I'm CTO, leading the cybersecurity technology solutions portfolio, Solutions Engineers and internal IT including cybersecurity programme. 

I firmly believe in and continue to live out my focus on a healthy life balance - work when it's time to work, but I have two other more important jobs in life: being a husband to my wife and being a father to my children.

I'd like to think that I can offer good wisdom on many business topics and particularly in building a fulfilling career on firm foundations that leads to a balanced life.

Experienced in Alliances and can cover People, Business Growth, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team and Channel Dynamics.  Lance is open to anyone who needs help or support.

Based in Abingdon-on-Thames

Mark Collins.png

Mark Collins

Former CEO and CTO - ONI

Having sold ONI plc to Thrive in May 2021, I am currently between roles and enjoying a break! I started ONI back in 1992 and was the CEO through to 2019 when I moved to the CTO position.

I have a strong understanding of the business needs and requirements across all departments and functions. I enjoyed working with everybody in the business, and at ONI, I encouraged a ‘One Team, Team ONI’ philosophy. Fundamentally, it was the Team of people at ONI that enabled us to drive our success.

Companies should always invest in their People, as I believe staff satisfaction drives the Customer experience and resulting happiness. In my opinion, you cannot have one without the other, and I like to see both of these as critical elements in a company’s ‘culture nucleus’. Bearing in mind I have led a ‘Technology Company’, I also believe, to achieve the required level(s) of satisfaction and experience, all businesses need to regularly review their Processes, Systems and Technology, I.e. what they currently have today and what they need going forward, to support their Teams, their customers and help achieve their business objectives.

For a Service Provider, everybody should also understand these core elements, for each of their crucial Customer’s, particularly as they only partner with people and organisations they ‘Like, Know & Trust’.

Experienced in Leadership and can cover People, Business Growth, Career Development, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team and Starting a New Business.  Mark is open to working with relatively new Managers/Executives, looking to start a new business or possibly grow an existing one.  However, Mark is happy to work with anyone who could benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Based in Luton

Bruce Hockin.png

Bruce Hockin

Channel Sales Director - Picus Security

Senior channel professional of 24 years. Consistently delivers business value in EMEA markets through enabled partner communities. Builds net new channels and opportunities for vendors with innovative and disruptive solutions. Leverages long-standing trusted relationships within the channel community, across sales, technical and executive stakeholders.

Experienced in Sales, and can cover Business Growth, Sustainable Growth and Channel Dynamics. Bruce is open to anyone who is early in their career, new to the Channel and in a channel sales/business development role for a vendor or distributor.

Based Rushlake Green

Charles Heaton.png

Charles Heaton

Channel Planning Coach - The Fusebox

Charles started his career as a commercial Real Estate lawyer in New York City. He often comments on how well that time prepared him for what is currently happening to the Tech industry. It was the early 90s in Manhattan. Back then it was all about services differentiation, specialisation and creating value.

When he returned to the UK, Charles jointly founded and subsequently sold HEI, an IT product business. For the past 20 years he has worked at The Fusebox, a sales coaching practice that works exclusively with technology companies in the channel.

His specific focus is as a Channel Planning Coach - working with senior management, sales management, sales team and individuals to create value in todays complex selling environments through the power of planning.

Experienced in Alliances and can cover, People, Business Growth, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team, Sustainable Growth and Channel Dynamics.  Charles is open to anyone who is new to the channel and management, particularly in sales.

Based in Leeds

Gina Hough.png

Gina Hough

Managing Director - MCC Int Ltd

Gina founded her first agency MCC International in her early 20s and grew it to be one of the UK’s largest regional consultancies, employing over 45 people and working for many high-profile tech companies in that time. She moved on from MCC to set up and own half WLM.Digital, where she established a successful PR division and spent 7 years growing that part of the business before moving on to become a freelance consultant and setting up the next incarnation of MCC Int Ltd. 

Gina still works with a great team of freelancers and global partner agencies, but now has more freedom to offer a wider range of services to clients and use the knowledge she's built up over the past 30-odd years to good effect when it comes to mentoring and training - something she was unable to find enough time for in her previous roles.

Gina devises marketing communications strategies and campaigns that actively grow her clients’ businesses and uses the best partners to do it - allowing her greater flexibility when planning and implementing their strategic and tactical marketing plans. She is particularly strong in the channel, where she has developed great relationships over the years,

Her hands-on, tell it how it is approach to managing clients’ expectations has never changed over the years. Journalists know what to expect from Gina and she has built up some great contacts. Humour and an abhorrence of pretentiousness have stood her in good stead throughout her whole career.

Experienced in Marketing and People / Talent and can cover, Talent / Hiring, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team, Starting a New Business, Diversity & Inclusion and Channel Dynamics.  Gina is open to anyone who feels that they aren't quite good enough, is too hard on themselves, is underconfident, or is struggling in any way.

Based in Winchester


Francesca Beddow

Director - Ice Blue Sky

Francesca has over 20 years of experience in the IT and Telco sector. Francesca began her career at a worldwide IT vendor as a technical apprentice before moving across to hold a number of business roles including 12 years as a business leader within a channel partner. 

Having worked within an IT vendor and a systems integrator/channel partner she has a breadth to her understanding and viewpoint.

Francesca has an extensive business development record across the leadership and individual contributor roles she has held, having established significant business growth and new profitable revenue lines.

As an equity director in a go-to-market strategy, marketing and sales enablement agency, Francesca continues to focus on driving and achieving profitable business growth, whilst placing the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Francesca has led, managed and developed teams and individuals for over 15 years and believes people are at the heart of business success. She is passionate about helping individuals early in careers, new managers/leaders and those returning to the workforce.

Based in Reading

Anita Wosket.png

Anita Wosket

Head of Strategic Sales

Anita is an experienced sales leader with 20 years' tenure in the IT channel. As a senior leader at Westcoast, she manages, coaches, and inspires multiple high performing teams. Anita loves networking, meeting new people and helping customers and colleagues to overcome any challenge.

Her work with customers focuses on Westcoast's strategic alliances to develop long-lasting partnerships, creating and implementing successful business plans that achieve medium to long-term aspirational goals. Anita has a passion for inspiring others and helping them be their best self.

Experienced in Leadership and can cover Business Growth, Career Development, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team and Channel Dynamics. Anita is open to anyone in sales, early sales leadership or aspirations to be a leader.

Based in Tamworth

Taylor Rhodes.png

Taylor Rhoades

UK Country Manager, Senior Sales Executive - Graylog

Taylor Rhoades is an entrepreneurial-minded cybersecurity sales leader focusing on scaling companies and building teams across the US and UK.

She established and led the expansion of Graylog UK while responsible for managing sales and channel efforts across EMEA. Taylor focuses on developing strong relationships, driving new business by understanding core needs, and building trust in the channel.

Passionate about continually learning and supporting those around her, Taylor enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge to assist other professionals.

Experienced in Sales and can cover Business Growth, Career Development, Starting a New Business, Diversity and Inclusion and Channel Dynamics. Taylor is open to anyone starting their career or is new to Sales / Channel.

Based on London

Al Rudman.png

Alastair Rudman

Commercial Managing Director - Natilik

Alastair has worked in the technology industry for almost two decades and has been with Natilik for much of this time. Since the management buy-out in 2010, Alastair has led sales and client business teams before becoming the Managing Director of the Commercial business four years ago, leading a business of nearly 60 people. Alastair has overseen the growth of the commercial business by 150% over the last four years. Alastair graduated with a first class BA (Hons) in Technology Management from Oxford Brookes and previously worked in the digital media and recruitment sectors.

Experienced in Leadership and can cover People, Business Growth, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome,  Managing Upwards, Managing a Team and Channel Dynamics. Alastair is open to anyone in sales, early sales leadership or aspirations to be a leader.

Based in Hampshire

Richard Eglon.png

Richard Eglon

Chief Marketing Officer - Nebula Global Services


With 25 years experience working in the technology sector across IT, Unified Comms, Software and Telecoms, Richard has a breadth of knowledge to access around both start-up and scale-up operations.

As a hands-on, results driven, agile marketing leader and sales enabler, Richard has wide experience in setting and communicating strategic direction and executing ‘Go-to-Market’ plans which have driven profitable sales growth within the technology sector.

As a chartered marketer, Richard looks to use his experience and knowledge in ensuring the marketing strategy remains aligned with the needs of the business. His entrepreneurial spirit and track record in helping to build successful businesses is why he has a passion to share his experiences with others.

Experienced in Marketing and can cover People, Talent/Hiring, Business Growth, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing a Team, Starting a New Business, Sustainable Growth and Channel Dynamics. Richard is open to anyone who has the right values and behaviours and wants to continue learning from others, as he does.

Based in South England

Jenny Latimer.png

Jenny Latimer

Head of Alliances & Operations - Highgate IT Solutions Ltd

Jenny is the Head of Alliances & Operations at Highgate IT Solutions, a 100% remote reseller. Over the past 7 years in the IT channel, Jenny has progressed from a junior coordinator role to her current role, in the senior leadership team at Highgate.

Over the past 12 months, Jenny’s work in sustainability has propelled Highgate to the forefront of action in the channel. Plus, she has picked up some personal and company accolades along the way (finalist in BusinessGreen Leaders awards, CRN Tech Impact awards, CRN Women and Diversity in Channel awards, Women in Tech Excellence awards and CRN Channel Awards). Jenny is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the channel and strives to drive awareness and equality.

Experienced in Alliances, Marketing and Sustainability and can cover People, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing a Team, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainable Growth and Channel Dynamics. Jenny is open to anyone who is unsure of their next step in the channel or find they are lacking in self-confidence and in need of a boost.

Based in Northamptonshire


Leslie Coelho

Solutions and Technical Architect - BJSS

Leslie is a solutions and technical architect at BJSS, a technology and engineering consultancy.

Leslie has been in IT for over 30 years and has fulfilled everything from coding to green field design. Leslie has managed numerous people over that time and helped them grow and develop. He is also a qualified NLP master practitioner.

Experienced in Management and Technical, Leslie can help with Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards and Managing a Team. Leslie is open to anyone who wants to grow and is open to change.

Based in St Albans.

Sam Sene.png

Samantha Sene

Channel Sales Leader - A10 Networks

Samantha is a channel sales leader at A10 Networks, computer networking products.

Samantha has vast experience in creating growth strategy, leadership, innovation and building high performance sales team, including managing sales staff remotely.

Working with cross functional teams in the business, including technical, finance, operations, and sales across EMEA and the US.

Experienced in Sales, Marketing, Alliances, People and Leadership. Samantha can help with People, Business Growth, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team, Starting a New Business, Sustainable Growth and Channel Dynamics.  Samantha is looking to help someone starting out in the industry and looking to take a step into management.

Based in Buckinghamshire.


David Furby

CEO - Novatech

David is the Founder and CEO of both Novatech and CoConnect.

David always describes himself as someone who has never had a proper job. He founded his first and still his main business, Novatech, with his now wife, Joanne, in 1987 whilst studying for an Engineering degree.

In the 35 years since then he has only ever worked in his own businesses.

Novatech has served many sectors during its long history. Today its main focus is on IT logistics for organisations with large remote workforces and custom servers and workstations for sectors including universities, the creative industries and aerospace and defence simulation.

CoConnect was founded in 2018 to provide managed, secure, filtered internet connections to schools with child safeguarding as its number 1 priority.

David is a keen sailor having sailed across the Atlantic twice and loves everything to do with the water. When he’s not working or out on the water you can usually find him in his workshop working on his Tesla powered Nova project!

David has been involved in several businesses during his career, but Novatech has always been his main focus.

Experienced in Leadership, David can help with People, Business Growth, Imposter Syndrome, Managing a Team, Starting a New Business & Sustainable Growth. David is open to people in Leadership who is running a startup or thinking about it.

Based in Portsmouth.

Open to a Mentee.png

Kate Philpot

Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement - Getty Images

Kate is the Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement at Getty Images.

Kate leads a team based across three continents and is responsible for company-wide Sales and Service training, coaching and enablement programmes. These target employee professional skills development, product knowledge and systems understanding.

Kate joined Getty Images in 2015 after 15 years of sales, sales leadership and HR experience at Mars, Glaxo Smith Kline, Shell UK and as an independent consultant delivering commercial training across Europe.  She is a regular speaker at industry events and, as well as enablement, has a passion for all things DEI, being current Co-Chair of the Getty Images Multi-Culture Network ERG and sitting on the board of GTA Black Woech.

Experienced in Leadership, Kate can help with People, Talent/Hiring, Business Growth, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team & Diversity and Inclusion. Kate is open to any women, ideally from an under-represented community and at any career stage.

Based in Surrey.


Fiona McKenzie

CEO - Revere Agency Limited

Fiona is the CEO of Revere.

Fiona is an experienced leader and marketing agency professional with 15+ years of experience working in B2B Technology. She is client obsessed by nature, Fiona thrives on providing an exceptional experience for the people and brands her team works with. Fiona has a proven track record in supporting technology companies to drive marketing transformation across their entire end-to-end marketing ecosystem. Bringing strategic thinking and innovation while recognising the realities of their client's world. She believes the best way to produce great integrated work for clients is to have a tightly integrated team, with a relationship founded on trust, collaboration, and transparency.

Fiona enjoys a challenge, breaking down barriers, and, has a unique ability to problem-solve and make things happen. In her role at Revere, she develops and implements business strategies to achieve short and long-term objectives. Fiona leads the business and supports all teams to ensure they are operating collaboratively and efficiently, resulting in optimal quality, employee experience, client performance, and retention.

Experienced in Marketing, Fiona can help with People, Business Growth, Career Development, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team & Starting a New Business. Fiona is open to small business owners or individuals in marketing roles with high ambitions.

Based in Marlow.

Justin Leonard.png

Justyn Leonard

Regional Channel Director - EMEA

Justyn is the Regional Channel Director - EMEA at

Justyn has been in the channel for over 25 years. During that time he has worked with and for Resellers, Distributors and Vendors across a wide range of technology areas. Having spent almost 20 years of his career working in either EMEA or Global roles, working with large and complex organisations, building trust and delivering high levels of growth.

Justyn is currently working for, a leader in AI powered DevSecOps, where he runs their Partner Organisation for EMEA, building a small, highly focused channel to help us accelerate our business. Passionate about how 'The Power Of The Partner' acts as a force multiplier for business growth and look forward to share my learnings with mentees. When i'm not working, I'm an active volunteer for the RNLI, running the Press function for my local station and am also a Semi-Professional Football Referee.

Experienced in Alliances, Justyn can help with People, Business Growth, Career Development, Managing Upwards, and Channel Dynamics. Justyn is open to working with any individual at any stage in their career. 

Based in Southampton.

Ian Turnball.png

Ian Turnball


Ian is the Founder of Cyber Vantage and 

a seasoned cybersecurity leader with over two decades in the technology industry, with 15 focused on cybersecurity and 10 within the IT Channel. Ian's passion is blending people with technology solutions and services, underpinned by service excellence.

Nearly a decade ago, he set on a journey to disrupt the IT cybersecurity channel by founding and leading a multi-award-winning cyber services provider with four other cybersecurity specialists. They quickly became a UK rising star, setting new standards within the IT channel.

This success culminated in a strategic acquisition, transforming their business into a market-leading Security Operations Centre (SOC). Ian's management approach is holistic, fuelled by a love of sales leadership and business growth. I'm dedicated to pushing boundaries in leadership, cybersecurity, and the IT channel.

Experienced in Leadership, Sales and Alliances, Ian can help with Business Growth, Imposter Syndrome, Managing Upwards, Managing a Team, Starting a New Business and Channel Dynamics. Ian is open to working with any individual at any stage in their career. 

Based in Hertfordshire.

The Channel Buddies: Meet the Team

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If you are interested in becoming a Member of the Community, Gain a Buddy or Become a Channel Buddy, we are here to help.

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Daniel Evans.png

Aggrey Lutta

Buddy Lead

Aggrey is a Director at CAE and a Buddy Lead.

If you would like to become a Channel Buddy to would like additional information then please do get in touch.

Kate Auchterlonie

Mentee Matchmaker

Kate is the SMB Content Specialist at ANS Group, a Channel Community Mentee and one of our Mentee Matchmakers.

If you would like to know more about gaining a Channel Buddy or would like support in finding your perfect match, then please get in touch.

Daniel Evans

Mentee Matchmaker

Dan is a Sales Lead at Distology, a Channel Community Mentee and one of our Mentee Matchmakers.

If you would like to know more about gaining a Channel Buddy or would like support in finding your perfect match, then please get in touch.

The Channel Buddies: Meet the Team

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