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The Channel Community at a Glance

The Channel Community was created to connect like-minded people across the Channel who want to help support individuals reach their full potential through Mentoring.  The community has also been created to provide support and advice on Channel specific issues.

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What We Do

Making A Difference

Colleagues Working Together
Female Developers


Sharing mutual challenges and ideas unique to the IT Channel


Connecting people from with the IT Channel together


Encouraging and Supporting The Next Generation


About Us

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. The Channel Community emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the IT Channel, through mentoring, collaboration and a desire for actions to speak louder than words.

Established in 2021, we’re an organisation driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support. 

Business Consultation

Encouraging, Supporting & Empowering

Encouraging of all members and all members to agree to either be mentored or to become a mentor to individuals across the industry.

Supporting and developing of all members and actively contribute to the community.

All members to feel Empowered and treated as equals, irrespective of position and title.

Teacher Helping Student

Our Values

To be authentic, honest, encouraging and motivating to all that you meet.

Make everyone feel like a someone, to always feel part of something and treat everyone with respect.

Everyone should have access to the same opportunities, no matter what your gender, race or social demographic.

Mentoring should be readily available to everyone not just large corporates or senior execs

Signing Contract

Our Constitution

Membership is fully inclusive and open to anyone who wants to make a difference and support all solitary groups and individuals within the IT Channel.

All members should agree to actively contribute to the community, including the support and development of other members.

Conversations between the community are to be kept strictly about the members and not to discuss their organisations.

Members should be actively encouraged to either be mentored or become mentors to individuals across the industry.

All members to be treated as equals, irrespective of position or title.

Members are not to use the community as a source of recruitment.


Get Involved

If you are interested in being part of The Channel Community, see below some of the ways you can get involved.

You can either contact us through the links below or directly with a member of the team.

A Community Member

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Contribute to the Community

Become a member of the community and have access to a number of like-minded individuals across various roles and positions in the IT Channel.

The Community is a platform to share challenges that are faced and are unique to the IT Channel or to ask for advice or support on Channel specific issues.

Get Support or Advice

Female Developers

Get a Channel Buddy

Not everyone has access to the right support and even those that do, don't always have the right skills or knowledge to be able to give the best advice.  

It's not just young people that need support or advice, it can also include having access to peers that may have dealt with a challenge you are currently facing.  

The Channel Community has a number of Buddies from all parts of the Channel, ready to provide support and advice when you need it.

Become a Channel Buddy

Teacher Assisting a Student

Grow and Support the Channel

Seeing people grow and develop is one of the most rewarding things you can do and as a Channel Buddy, you get to do just that.

If you are from within the IT Channel and want to support and advise the young talent across the Channel we would love to hear from you.


The Mentee and Channel Buddy Onboarding Process

Available for Download

If you are interested in either gaining a Channel Buddy or want to know how you can become one yourself, then please download the onboarding process.


We Are Here to Help

If you are interested in becoming a Member of the Community, Gain a Buddy or Become a Channel Buddy, we are here to help.

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Yvonne Matzk

Buddy Lead

Yvonne is the Founder of Coachere and a Buddy Lead.

If you would like to become a Channel Buddy or would like additional information then please get in touch. 

Aggrey Lutta

Buddy Lead

Aggrey is a Director at CAE and a Buddy Lead.

If you would like to become a Channel Buddy to would like additional information then please do get in touch.

John Shannon

Mentee Lead

John is the Partner Director of Tiger and a Mentee Lead.

If you would like support getting a Mentor, please contact John directly.

Arlene Bulfin

Mentee Lead

Arlene is the Director of People Development at the ANS Group and a Mentee Lead.

If you would like support getting a Channel Buddy, please contact Arlene directly.


“There is no power for change like a community that discovers what it cares about”

Margaret J Wheatley


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