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Welcome to the Community Blog

The Channel Community is today launching our Community Blog to share tips and tricks on how to navigate and create a successful career in the IT Channel and adjascent industries.

With a focus on the 'S' in ESG, we will be offering guest slots to our members, mentors, mentees and supporters, allowing them to share ideas and offer support and guidance on areas such as:

  • Social Mobility

  • Belonging

  • Career Development

  • Getting a Mentor

  • Becoming a Mentor

  • Networking

About The Channel Community

The Channel Community was created to connect like-minded people across the Channel who want to help support individuals reach their full potential through Mentoring. The community has also been created to provide support and advice on Channel specific issues.

Encouraging, Supporting & Empowering

Members to be Encouraging of all other members and agree to either be mentored or to become a mentor to individuals across the industry.

Supporting and developing other members and actively contributing to the community.

All members to feel Empowered and treated as equals, irrespective of position or title.

Our Purpose

To create a community of people in the Channel who want to help and support individuals reach their full potential through mentoring or by offering advice and support on specific issues and challenges.

Get Involved

If you want to know more about how to become a member of the The Channel Community, gain a Channel Buddy or become one yourself, please get in follow and touch via our LinkedIn page:

To get up to date news, and information on our events, Subscribe to our website.

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